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Modular Global


We design and manufacture tollbooths and small buildings for access control with high quality standards and contemporary aesthetics. For MG the safety and health of people working in these units is especially important. For this reason, we take all the necessary measures to meet and obey local regulations applicable to the project on safety and health at work.

  • On request, we manufacture special ballistic protection units superior to FB 4 class, according to DIN EN 1522 (> MAGNUM 44). By using high hardness steel plates > 400 HB, and multilayer bulletproof glass, we offer levels of protection adapted to the most extreme needs of our customers (controlled access to embassies, to organizations which are likely to be damaged, etc.).
  • Units are delivered fully equipped:
      • Ventilation and pressurisation.- We ensure the health standards of the cabin environment by maintaining a positive pressure differential within the units.
      • Air conditioning.- Depending on the climate and conditions and together with the technicians of our customers, we will determine and implement the most appropriate air conditioning systems: centralized, HVAC, rooftop, etc.

    Over the years, we have installed units in very different latitudes: Tajikistan, Chile, Equatorial Guinea, Baltic Republics, Georgia, etc.

    • Emergency and high efficiency lighting (LED).
    • Security, communication, monitoring and PA equipment.
    • Ergonomic furniture.
    • Manual and mechanical blinds.
    • Payment stations.- Payment windows with air curtain, with or without intercom, etc.
  • Long-lasting finishes and contemporary aesthetics. We provide our customers a wide range of exterior and interior finishes:
    • High-quality phenolic board (TRESPA type).
    • Aluminium composite (ALUCOBOND type).
    • Stainless steel panel in several different finishes.
    • Laminated glass with insulation and solar control, etc.
  • We pre-install and adapt our units to the payment systems and equipment of our customers (technologists).
  • Structural, seismic and thermal calculation of our units.